Jerry’s 14 Point Home Inspection Checklist

Jerry’s Fool-Proof Home Inspection Checklist Featured image

Jerry’s 14 Point Home Inspection Checklist

Home inspections are the #1 cause for a contract to fall through making your house more difficult to sell a second time.

Are you putting your house on the market? You will have many things on your mind to get your home ready to sell: organizing, repainting, staging, home appraisals, and inspections. It can all seem overwhelming. Common imperfections will impact buyer, showing agent and home inspector. What a buyer and/or agent notices will impact if an offer is being made and for what amount. What a home inspectors finds will impact if the contract makes it to settlement. The Details Group has put together a home inspection checklist that will help you pass even the most meticulous inspections. Remember it is the details that matter most! Both a Realtor and General Contractor working for you! Details Group- we know the product! Here are a few checklist examples:

Ceiling Stains

While there are many innocuous reasons for a watermark on your ceiling, an inspector and potential buyer will assume the worst. We will help you figure out the cause and next steps.

Electrical Violations

While you may not have been responsible for the faulty installations, you will need to fix them. We will find the most common “wear and tear” issues. Some will be easy to fix while other issues may require an electrician.

Bathroom Venting

Building codes keep changing: improperly vented bathrooms are always difficult. What’s the vent used for? Odor or moisture? Was it previously vented into the attic causing mold or mildew growth.

Rotted Exterior Wood – Curb Appeal

Most common areas include exterior trim, window trim, and decks. While most are simply unsightly, it’s an indication for lack of routine maintenance and overall care for the house. This WILL drastically lower the initial offer price.

Minor Plumbing Defects

While a dripping faucet or a running toilet may not be a deal breaker, it’s nuisance will be noted in the home inspection report. We will explore some of the most common hot water issues.

Chimney Defects

5.8 Earthquake Annapolis, August 23rd 2011! What did it do to your chimney? What to do next?

Mold & Radon Remediation

Nothing kills a real estate deal faster than mold. Before your official inspection, how to find it and what to do.

Check the Light Bulbs

Make sure all light bulbs are in working order; that way the inspector can quickly determine everything works.

Organize Closets and Basement

Thin out your closets of clothes and other unused items to allow for inspector access, especially important for attic access. Also, clean up your basement and move items away from the walls providing proper access.

Service your HVAC System

Change your furnace filters, and have your HVAC units serviced. Keep all receipts and service tags for the inspector.

Vacant Home – Keep the Power On

If your home is unoccupied make sure the power is on and there is enough heating fuel. Also, contact your insurance agent for a vacant home policy!

Honesty is The Best Policy – Disclose Everything

Above all, never attempt concealing any defects, they will be found, if not today, later in the future and WITH A LAWSUIT. Home inspectors have seen everything and can spot issues right away. You do not want to seem dishonest now or in the future. Do not wait until settlement to disclose any hurtful property history. It’s common sense but sense is not that common.

Do you still have questions regarding this home inspection checklist? Contact The Details Group today. Our focus is on the details. We can help you prepare your home, and list it for sale. We have agents in Annapolis, Anne Arundel and surrounding Counties!